about me

Hey, I’m Kendra.


I have a hilarious husband, Preston, who makes me laugh nonstop. And three awesomely adorable kids, Maya, Maddox, and baby Maverick, who let me play with them every day! I was known as the mom of gingers, until my little blondie popped out. (;

I really love to eat, but cooking is another story! As a working mom, my goal is yummy and quick meals.

When I’m not at work designing, I’m at home designing… well, finding the cheapest way to make things look prettier. I love sewing, crafting and repurposing furniture (thanks to my mom, who Preston lovingly calls “Little House on the Prairie Mom”).

And, if you hadn’t noticed, I love to talk! And, another thing I decided I love, is to run. I ran a half marathon (and then a FULL). If you’re into that sorta thing, click here to read about my journey.

This is my attempt to blend it all together… design . eat . laugh . play . talk . run


Full disclosure, Blendra loves to make money. She uses all sorts of ads and whatever anyone will give her, in exchange for money. Well, not anything. Anything legal. Blendra does all legal things for money-making purposes. See my FULL DISCLOSURE policy.