Sometimes I get nervous about things and the only logical thing to do is make a joke. Every. Single. Day.


Apparently, Ebola is one of those things I’m nervous about. If he gets Ebola, we’ll all get Ebola. It’ll be anarchy. A big Ebola anarchy.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but don’t even try to hug me now.

Earlier this week.

Preston: Don’t you have a half marathon in a few weeks?

Me: Um, yeah, three weeks. 

Preston: Don’t you think, maybe you should actually be doing some running?

Me: I’m biking and walking, and I ran 6 miles last weekend.

Preston: That’s not even halfway there. I thought you said you wanted to PR?

Me: Alright! Fine! I’ll run once this week and then do a long run this weekend! Geez!

Preston: I was just concerned for your well-being. I don’t want you to die. 

Me: I won’t die! Sheesh. And, I think I’ve decided, maybe I’ll just let my best time be my first ever half marathon. Who said you have to PR at every race?

So, on Wednesday I went out and ran 3 miles around the church while Maya was at religion class. Then today I ran 10 miles. Man, I really showed him who wasn’t going to die. Booooom!

And I only really ever felt like dying one time. Right around the 8 mile mark, I may have thought about calling him to see if he would pick me up. But then I thought maybe there would be judging and more, “I’m really concerned about you” talks. So I powered through, like any non-competitive person would do.

A few months ago, I had seen commercials for the Rice Crispy Mudslides at Spangles (a fast food joint in Wichita, Kansas). And, even though it said, “for a limited time,” I didn’t believe them.

Today reality set in when I pulled up to the drive thru speaker:

Me: Yeah, um, do you still have the Rice Crispy Mudslide?
Drive thru guy: No, I’m sorry, we replaced that with the Snickers Mudslide.
Me: Oh, dang. Um, is that good?
Drive thru guy: Yeah, if you like Snickers.
Me: Okay, shoot, well, do you recommend that or the Butterfingers Mudslide?
Drive thru guy: Um..
Drive thru girl: The Butterfingers Caramel Mudslide!! You won’t regret it!
Me: I’ll take that!
Drive thru girl: You just made the best decision of your life!
Me: (laughing) I can’t wait!

I smiled as I waited for the three cars in front of me to get their orders. Who smiles in a drive thru waiting line? As I pulled up to the window, a lady was smiling and holding the “best decision of my life” in her hands. While laughing, she says, “that was me! Oh my god, you will not regret this. The taste is indescribable! It is soooo good!”

I laughed and said, “so I’ll see you back tomorrow! Or maybe in an hour.”

She smiles and says, “Yep and you’ll be all thank you very much Jeanae, that was the best decision of my life!”

As I’m typing this I’m shoveling spoonfuls of Butterfingers Caramel Mudslide in my mouth and smiling. The more I eat, the more I smile.


Clearly, to be sincere is the best decision of anyone’s life. Thank you, Jeanae!

Last night when I looked in the fridge I noticed an usually large amount of bricked cream cheese in my fridge. Like eight bricks. Who does that? And then I noticed the pound of bacon. All lonely. I vaguely remember throwing that in my cart last week, while I hungrily packed vegetables and fruit on top of the cookies and frozen pizza. Sheesh, bacon and cream cheese what’s a girl to do? Buy some fresh jalapeños!


These little suckers are amazing. And easy. And only three ingredients. Cream cheese, bacon and fresh jalapeños. And pretty cheap too. I got 15 jalapeños for 84 cents. 1 brick of cream cheese for $1.00 (I think? I had 8 bricks, so it had to be cheap when I bought it). 1 pound of bacon for $3.50 (maybe more, I was hungry). 30 delightful treats for a little over $5. Mmmm.

The worst part of these delicious jalapeño poppers was slicing the jalapeños and removing the insides. Most people recommend wearing gloves. This mom ain’t got time for gloves. I just powered through with gusto and many kinds words to my kids, like “don’t bother me I’m working with hot peppers here!” After all 15 jalapeños were sliced, I scooped in some of the cream cheese. I started with a spoon, then moved to my hands, who cares, I just had to get it in the bellies of those jalapeños. Then I used the same knife I sliced my jalapeños with and sliced the bacon in half. Next I delicately wrapped each cream cheese stuffed jalapeño with a half slice of bacon. Placed those little devils on a foil-lined cookie sheet and baked in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Just until the bacon started crisping up and the peppers started to soften.

I’d recommend removing the jalapeño poppers from the pan and placing them on a paper towel to drain some bacon grease. But, heck, a little bacon grease never hurt anyone. And, I’m certainly not gonna judge you. If you want to pop a whole one in your mouth, straight from the pan, while the bacon grease stains your shirt and the hot pepper burns the roof of your mouth. You do that. You own that shirt. And that mouth. You do what you want.


I like a good challenge. Apparently.

That’s why I signed up for I’m Perfect Life r2014 Fitness Challenge, in July. I had to come up with 10 challenges (and complete them) by the end of the year. Luckily, I’d already completed a few (my second half marathon in May and then a week later a 5K plus stair challenge), but I still had 8 more… I finally decided I was going to walk/run for 30 days straight. It also helped my wallet by using Pact during each walk.


I actually love walking, so I thought this would be fun.

And, for the most part, it was. On the weekends it was easier to get in a longer walk/run, but the week days I waited until the kids went to bed, so I found myself getting anxious around bedtime. As the days went on, I added a little more challenge to my challenge… I had to walk at least 2 miles each day. If the kids went to bed earlier, I’d try to get in 3-4 miles; if it was later, I settled on 2.

So, yesterday, I finished my 30th day. I logged 102.1 miles in that 30 days. Not too shabby. I averaged 3.4 miles a day. I’d say it was a challenge successfully completed.

Now it’s on to the next challenge. Riding my bike 5 miles straight. If anyone knows me, they know I trip over carpet and run into doorways, so balancing on a bike is a challenge in itself. (;

I’ve maybe had a few issues with listening lately. And, I’m not just talking about me. (: When I got to daycare on Friday, I was surprised to see Maddox sitting in the front office. Dang. I felt like the worst mom in the world when she told me, “Maddox has been having a rough week listening.” A whole week!?

I love Maddox’s daycare, they don’t bring up the small stuff, but when it continues to happen, they do. And, actually, this is the first time he’s been sent to the front office, since he’s been going there. But when your kid is sitting in the front office when you come to pick him up, things need to change.

So, I decided it was time to make some charts. Some listening charts.



I made weekly charts, so the goal seemed attainable. There are three spots: morning, afternoon and night. If they listen in the morning, they get to put a sticker on before they leave for school. If they don’t get any bad marks at school, they get to put a sticker on for the afternoon. Simple.

So far it’s still fun, but we have had some mess-ups. And, on those times they don’t feel like listening, they get to put a big red X in spot of the sticker. That’s not so fun. I decided if they get a full chart with no Xs, then they’ll get to pick a small reward. I love rewards.

And, because I want your kids to listen too, I’ve made some printables (and stickers) for your kids. Or for yourself. Or your spouse. Keep scrolling.


Sometimes all of the not listening makes you turn into a yelling machine. So, here’s a chart to stop all of the YELLING! Maybe if I had more wine, the yelling wouldn’t bother me.


And, sometimes all of the not listening really makes you wanna cuss. I’ve made a chart for that too. All of these charts should make for a nice family bonding experience. It’s really not fair for only the kids to suffer.


I’ve made a few stickers that fit on Avery 8293 round labels (1.5 inch): Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses, Wine glasses, FSU football helmets. I haven’t actually printed these yet, but I’m sure they’ll work great because I’m awesome.

Lemme know if you have any charts that have been successful for you and maybe I’ll make those too. Since school is pretty much in full swing, I’ll be adding more charts, like daily reading, writing and arithmetic ones. Duh.

Some days you wake up and you just want to drink cupcake-flavored coffee. Some days you can’t stop thinking about cupcakes until you finally google: cupcake coffee creamer. I found this recipe and stayed right with it, except for doubling it. It only called for half a can of sweetened condensed milk, what am I supposed to do with the other can? Drink it. Probably shouldn’t.

So here she is, my favorite homemade, super simple, why wasn’t I making this sooner, cupcake coffee creamer.

blendra_coffee_creamer copy-sm

Seriously, it takes like 3 minutes to blend up. I made mine while both kids were screaming, so I could drown out the noise. Multi-tasker.

I used the powdered Hot Chocolate Cupcake (it does not make a good cake, but makes a good creamer) Cake Mix, for my first batch. Let me know which flavors you enjoy.

Tonight I went for a 4-mile walk, while listening to The Power of Habit.

I’m trying to start a habit.
Blendra habit

I’m on my ninth day of walking/running, in a row. Only 12 more and this should be a habit. Only problem with habits are they’re easy to break. The book says you need to crave the reward your habit offers in order to want to continue with the habit. So far my reward is getting to listen to this audio book! But, what’s gonna happen when I finish the book?

I’m a sucker for 4-ingredient foods. And who doesn’t like ice cream? No body, that’s who. No body doesn’t like ice cream! Mmmm.


So when I found this recipe for 4-ingredient ice cream on Pinterest, I pinned it. Then I forgot about it, until one of my friends on Facebook actually made it. So, I did what any person would do, I found that recipe and I made it too. I had to change the recipe a bit because Aldi didn’t have cheesecake pudding. They had vanilla.

Sometimes the actual time to make is more than recipes claim, but the Seeded at the Table lady wasn’t wrong, I’ll say it really did take around 5 minutes to make. But, it was five looooong minutes spent whipping the heavy cream into stiff peaks with a hand mixer, but I feel like it was well worth it. I spent $1.79 on a pint of cream, $1.79 on a package of generic oreos (and we only used half of the cookies for the ice cream, then my husband promptly ate the rest while the ice cream was freezing), $0.79 on vanilla instant pudding and $0.99 on sweetened condensed milk. And this makes 1.5 quarts of ice cream for only $5.40. It’s a win I tell ya.


Oreo Ice Cream
3.4 oz – Instant Pudding
14 oz – Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 cups – Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 pkg – Oreos (or generics, whatev’)

In a large bowl mix sweetened condensed milk and pudding until pudding is dissolved. In another large bowl pour cream and beat on high speed for 5 minutes, or until stiff peaks form. Carefully fold cream into sweetened condensed pudding mix until fully incorporated. Crush oreos (I used a ziplock bag and crushed with my hands) then slowly stir cookies into cream/pudding mix. Pour into a 2 quart bowl, cover with a lid and freeze for 4 hours.




So, my sister made these awesome cookie brownies. She’s a baker. A very good baker. Then she graciously handed me the rest of the pan for a food day at my work. Here’s what happened.

Coworker: Those are so good! Will you give me the recipe?
Me: Umm, yeah, I didn’t make those. I’ll email my sister for the recipe. (;

Then this happened:

Cookie Brownie Recipe