I didn’t look at the computer one time during The Office. (Well, maybe I glanced over at it sitting on the kitchen counter all lonely).


Preston didn’t change the channels during the commercials of The Office. (I think he sneaked back to the bedroom to do it).

Yep, marriage is about sacrifices.

But, who’s counting.

August 12, 2009 we put an offer on a house we thought we would be closing on in September. We were told this could turn into a long process because the house was in a short sale situation. Basically, we were offering less for the house than what was currently owed.

Little did we know it would be 6 months, 2 weeks and 4 days later and still no signs of closing on the house. I guess it’s not surprising considering the loan is through Bank of America, jerks!

More back story to come, stay tuned.

I was pretty excited when I came up with this idea for Maya’s Valentine’s… customized SweetHeart candy boxes! The designing and assembling went very smoothly. Problem was, it was so cute I didn’t know when to stop! I bet I made at least 50 of these!


I had to make these for all of Maya’s classmates, then her grandparents, all of her aunts, then the people in my department (we’re all artists, so I gotta show off my artwork), the ladies at bunco, they’ll want one, of course.


These are all actual SweetHeart boxes, the card on the front is what I customized and then spray mounted to the box. It’s my favorite valentine of all time! I really, don’t think it can be beat!

After Preston got hit on by two ladies in the Emprise Bank drive-thru, with me in the passenger seat.

Preston: You’re lucky I didn’t tell them I was pull-up and dance champion at my work.

Me: Yep, sure am.

Preston: If you ever leave me, I’ll just go hang out at Emprise Bank.

Oh Preston!

Me: What’s the name of this movie we’re watching?

Preston: Are you gonna put that on Facebook? Facebook is so dumb… I’m gonna write down what I had for lunch, then I’m gonna get 50 posts about how good that sounds.

Me: Yeah, so what’s the name of the movie?

Oh Preston!

Preston: You’re addicted to Facebook, I’m last on the list.

Me: nuh-uh (as I’m posting a status on Facebook).

Preston: Your list goes: Maya, Facebook, Preston.

Preston: I have my own list too and you’re at the end: Maya, football,
pooping, you.

Me: Nice.

Oh Preston!

Preston: Just to let you know, I am not only the pull-up champion at work I am now the dance champ! You are one lucky lady!

Oh Preston!

2:30 AM:
I get up to get a drink and go to the bathroom. I noticed it seemed a little chilly in the house so I flipped up the thermostat lid and turned on the heater.
2 minutes later, return to bed:
Preston: You were on Facebook, weren’t you?
Me: Um, no. I turned on the heater.
I guess he thinks I’m addicted to Facebook, try blogs.
Oh Preston!

This is my first post where I will talk all about my awesome boss and his more awesome boss and my husband and the funny things he says, just sayin’. Oh and The Office sucks.