I was pretty excited when I came up with this idea for Maya’s Valentine’s… customized SweetHeart candy boxes! The designing and assembling went very smoothly. Problem was, it was so cute I didn’t know when to stop! I bet I made at least 50 of these!


I had to make these for all of Maya’s classmates, then her grandparents, all of her aunts, then the people in my department (we’re all artists, so I gotta show off my artwork), the ladies at bunco, they’ll want one, of course.


These are all actual SweetHeart boxes, the card on the front is what I customized and then spray mounted to the box. It’s my favorite valentine of all time! I really, don’t think it can be beat!

After Preston got hit on by two ladies in the Emprise Bank drive-thru, with me in the passenger seat.

Preston: You’re lucky I didn’t tell them I was pull-up and dance champion at my work.

Me: Yep, sure am.

Preston: If you ever leave me, I’ll just go hang out at Emprise Bank.

Oh Preston!

Me: What’s the name of this movie we’re watching?

Preston: Are you gonna put that on Facebook? Facebook is so dumb… I’m gonna write down what I had for lunch, then I’m gonna get 50 posts about how good that sounds.

Me: Yeah, so what’s the name of the movie?

Oh Preston!

Preston: You’re addicted to Facebook, I’m last on the list.

Me: nuh-uh (as I’m posting a status on Facebook).

Preston: Your list goes: Maya, Facebook, Preston.

Preston: I have my own list too and you’re at the end: Maya, football,
pooping, you.

Me: Nice.

Oh Preston!

Preston: Just to let you know, I am not only the pull-up champion at work I am now the dance champ! You are one lucky lady!

Oh Preston!

2:30 AM:
I get up to get a drink and go to the bathroom. I noticed it seemed a little chilly in the house so I flipped up the thermostat lid and turned on the heater.
2 minutes later, return to bed:
Preston: You were on Facebook, weren’t you?
Me: Um, no. I turned on the heater.
I guess he thinks I’m addicted to Facebook, try blogs.
Oh Preston!

This is my first post where I will talk all about my awesome boss and his more awesome boss and my husband and the funny things he says, just sayin’. Oh and The Office sucks.