After Pinteresting for long enough, I can always find something I neeeeeed to do at my house. This time it was the wall. The wall, the wall, the wall of glory, if you will. I needed that wall of glory.



Step one: Decide on a template (from research, or me) or make your own.
Step two: Forget step one and move to step two. Decisions are hard.
Step three: Pick the wall. The bigger the better.
Step four: Begin late-night online impromptu shopping for art.
Step five: Have cute babies for art purposes. This will take 9 months minimum.
Step six: Spend lunch hours in-store shopping.
Step seven: Buy supplies (paint, hot glue, twine, canvases, boards).
Step eight: Skip step seven if you hate DIYing. I respect that.
Step nine: Buy lots of 3M velcro strips, so you don’t have to ask anyone for help.
Step ten: Trust your eye and start velcroing things to the wall. Or refer back to step one.


I was in love with my wall, but my minimalist husband was not.

“It looks cluttered,” he said.

“It looks awesome,” I said.

So, I took my art wall to my Facebook wall for judging…


123 likes (pretty sure that ties with the amount of likes I received on the announcement of my third child) and 30 comments.

I win.
(He loses — read comments in yellow)


If you think you can’t do it, just do it to prove someone else wrong.

At work I was asked to bring in some artwork that inspires me, and share a little about the artist who created it. I thought this was such a cool idea, I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog: Thirsty for Design. Every Thursday (you know, Thirsty Thursday), I’ll grab some artwork, with the artist, that inspires me.

Today’s artist and artwork: Gary Taxali with this awesome wine label.



Last year, I got this voucher from Naked Wines. Cool. Imma get me some free wine, I thought. Well, when I went online to pick the wines, I found these wine labels I LOVED. They weren’t so much in the price range to get as free wine… But, I loved them. So, I threw out the idea of getting free wine and snagged both bottles. I drank the wine. Cleaned the bottles.  And, they’ve been sitting on my wine shelf since.

Now, I think I’m gonna go buy his book: I Love You, OK? By Gary Taxali

I may have already bought this book for my kids: This Is Silly! By Gary Taxali

Check back next Thursday for my next piece of design inspiration. What inspires you?

I’ve maybe had a few issues with listening lately. And, I’m not just talking about me. (: When I got to daycare on Friday, I was surprised to see Maddox sitting in the front office. Dang. I felt like the worst mom in the world when she told me, “Maddox has been having a rough week listening.” A whole week!?

I love Maddox’s daycare, they don’t bring up the small stuff, but when it continues to happen, they do. And, actually, this is the first time he’s been sent to the front office, since he’s been going there. But when your kid is sitting in the front office when you come to pick him up, things need to change.

So, I decided it was time to make some charts. Some listening charts.



I made weekly charts, so the goal seemed attainable. There are three spots: morning, afternoon and night. If they listen in the morning, they get to put a sticker on before they leave for school. If they don’t get any bad marks at school, they get to put a sticker on for the afternoon. Simple.

So far it’s still fun, but we have had some mess-ups. And, on those times they don’t feel like listening, they get to put a big red X in spot of the sticker. That’s not so fun. I decided if they get a full chart with no Xs, then they’ll get to pick a small reward. I love rewards.

And, because I want your kids to listen too, I’ve made some printables (and stickers) for your kids. Or for yourself. Or your spouse. Keep scrolling.


Sometimes all of the not listening makes you turn into a yelling machine. So, here’s a chart to stop all of the YELLING! Maybe if I had more wine, the yelling wouldn’t bother me.


And, sometimes all of the not listening really makes you wanna cuss. I’ve made a chart for that too. All of these charts should make for a nice family bonding experience. It’s really not fair for only the kids to suffer.


I’ve made a few stickers that fit on Avery 8293 round labels (1.5 inch): Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses, Wine glasses, FSU football helmets. I haven’t actually printed these yet, but I’m sure they’ll work great because I’m awesome.

Lemme know if you have any charts that have been successful for you and maybe I’ll make those too. Since school is pretty much in full swing, I’ll be adding more charts, like daily reading, writing and arithmetic ones. Duh.

I’ve been looking for a corner cabinet for my basement for a long time. And, I finally found one. Well, my sister found it on a Facebook Garage Sale page. Side note: Facebook garage sale pages are rockin’ awesome. Things go quick, so your first win is  addictive. I find myself browsing my Facebook Garage Sale page even when I don’t need anything.

She was asking $80 and I got it for $75, so I felt like I already won, getting it for $5 cheaper. Boom.


You’re thinking, that’s already pretty nice, right? Only problem is, all of my wood work is a dark stain. And well, the handles and hinges were this straight-from-the-eighties gold. Yuck.

First, I pulled out the stain we used when we finished the basement.


Only problem was, it had congealed into this weird gel-like consistency. I figured I didn’t have much to lose to try it first. So, I grabbed a foam brush and started brushing it on. It worked awesome. I mean, super awesome.

Then, while the stain was drying, I pulled out my Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.


It worked wonders on the handles and hinges. I love oil-rubbed bronze finish. Ready for the after? It’s a huge change.


Kapow. I’d say it’s a job well done. Facebook Garage Sale page, I’ll be back.

I’m just laboring away on Labor Day. Classic Blendra.



I love refinishing furniture, especially when I already have the supplies. The stain is the same stain we used when we finished our basement. So this piece is gonna look like it was finished with the basement. Brilliant. And the spray paint was used for this project. I love Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.

Check back tomorrow to see what I’ve been doing all morning. (;

I’m pretty sure after five years, Preston knows he’s getting this gift for Father’s Day. But, it never gets old and I love comparing the kids year after year.

I found my letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them white. You can use any letters you want. These are perfect for us because DAD is spelled out in Maddox’s name. That way I don’t have to keep track of extra letters because they’re already hanging on in his room. (;


For me product photography is the best kind of photography. The subject never moves unless I move it.

And, I really love this piece as much as the last piece I shot. When you have a nice piece to shoot, the photography just looks that much better.



Package art = awesome!


Devil horns and pointy metal chin = manly


But, think this bad boy just opens a bottle?


Think again. This thing could open your throat if you think you’re gonna mess with me in a dark alley. Or, parking lot in the middle of the afternoon.


Hang it from your keys.


Hell, hang it anywhere.


Not really into puncturing throats? Why not puncture that beer can and show everyone how to shotgun a beer.


Come on, you know you want to.


And it fits perfectly in your wallet. Or, your boyfriend/husband’s wallet (if you’re a chick, like me).

It may just be the perfect gift for the dude or chick in your life. So, go ahead and buy it here.

Maya’s room has a closet on one wall and a window seat on one wall, so it makes it hard to put a bed sideways against either of the other two walls. Because of this, she had two side rails on her full-sized bed.

Her millions of babies/stuffed animals made a nice wall on one side of her bed, so I was able to remove one of the side rails. She always slept so close up to the other side rail, I was always hesitant to remove it.



Normally she doesn’t sleep with her head at the foot of the bed, haha. Anway, here’s what the side rail looks like. It makes it really hard to make her bed. And it’s also a pain to change the sheets.

Enter Pinterest.



Step 1: Remove side rail

Step 2: Buy a pool noodle.

Step 3: Lift up the fitted sheet and slide that baby right under the sheet.


It’s brilliant!

See how it gives her a little tiny wall so she doesn’t feel like she’ll roll out of bed, but it’s also not as gaudy as that other HUGE side rail. I love it!

I wish I could give someone some credit, but I saw it and pinned it in my memory. So, if you came up with this idea, to you I say, “you’re brilliant.” And, if you want some credit, tell me about it and I’ll link to you. (;


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, this week. So I got on Pinterest and did a little searching. I can’t remember exactly where I found this, because I saw tons of different variations. I customized my own, because that’s what I do. Enjoy! I know Maya’s teacher will. (:


PS, I thought it was a nice touch to have Maya help me pour in the M&Ms into the jar and write her name on the bottom.

Here’s a downloadable PDF if you want to customize your own! Your kid’s teacher will thank you. (:

And, because I love you guys, I’ve made one brown instead of pink (for all of those boys who just don’t like pink).