I’ve maybe had a few issues with listening lately. And, I’m not just talking about me. (: When I got to daycare on Friday, I was surprised to see Maddox sitting in the front office. Dang. I felt like the worst mom in the world when she told me, “Maddox has been having a rough week listening.” A whole week!?

I love Maddox’s daycare, they don’t bring up the small stuff, but when it continues to happen, they do. And, actually, this is the first time he’s been sent to the front office, since he’s been going there. But when your kid is sitting in the front office when you come to pick him up, things need to change.

So, I decided it was time to make some charts. Some listening charts.



I made weekly charts, so the goal seemed attainable. There are three spots: morning, afternoon and night. If they listen in the morning, they get to put a sticker on before they leave for school. If they don’t get any bad marks at school, they get to put a sticker on for the afternoon. Simple.

So far it’s still fun, but we have had some mess-ups. And, on those times they don’t feel like listening, they get to put a big red X in spot of the sticker. That’s not so fun. I decided if they get a full chart with no Xs, then they’ll get to pick a small reward. I love rewards.

And, because I want your kids to listen too, I’ve made some printables (and stickers) for your kids. Or for yourself. Or your spouse. Keep scrolling.


Sometimes all of the not listening makes you turn into a yelling machine. So, here’s a chart to stop all of the YELLING! Maybe if I had more wine, the yelling wouldn’t bother me.


And, sometimes all of the not listening really makes you wanna cuss. I’ve made a chart for that too. All of these charts should make for a nice family bonding experience. It’s really not fair for only the kids to suffer.


I’ve made a few stickers that fit on Avery 8293 round labels (1.5 inch): Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses, Wine glasses, FSU football helmets. I haven’t actually printed these yet, but I’m sure they’ll work great because I’m awesome.

Lemme know if you have any charts that have been successful for you and maybe I’ll make those too. Since school is pretty much in full swing, I’ll be adding more charts, like daily reading, writing and arithmetic ones. Duh.

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