After Pinteresting for long enough, I can always find something I neeeeeed to do at my house. This time it was the wall. The wall, the wall, the wall of glory, if you will. I needed that wall of glory.



Step one: Decide on a template (from research, or me) or make your own.
Step two: Forget step one and move to step two. Decisions are hard.
Step three: Pick the wall. The bigger the better.
Step four: Begin late-night online impromptu shopping for art.
Step five: Have cute babies for art purposes. This will take 9 months minimum.
Step six: Spend lunch hours in-store shopping.
Step seven: Buy supplies (paint, hot glue, twine, canvases, boards).
Step eight: Skip step seven if you hate DIYing. I respect that.
Step nine: Buy lots of 3M velcro strips, so you don’t have to ask anyone for help.
Step ten: Trust your eye and start velcroing things to the wall. Or refer back to step one.


I was in love with my wall, but my minimalist husband was not.

“It looks cluttered,” he said.

“It looks awesome,” I said.

So, I took my art wall to my Facebook wall for judging…


123 likes (pretty sure that ties with the amount of likes I received on the announcement of my third child) and 30 comments.

I win.
(He loses — read comments in yellow)


If you think you can’t do it, just do it to prove someone else wrong.

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