At work I was asked to bring in some artwork that inspires me, and share a little about the artist who created it. I thought this was such a cool idea, I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog: Thirsty for Design. Every Thursday (you know, Thirsty Thursday), I’ll grab some artwork, with the artist, that inspires me.

Today’s artist and artwork: Gary Taxali with this awesome wine label.



Last year, I got this voucher from Naked Wines. Cool. Imma get me some free wine, I thought. Well, when I went online to pick the wines, I found these wine labels I LOVED. They weren’t so much in the price range to get as free wine… But, I loved them. So, I threw out the idea of getting free wine and snagged both bottles. I drank the wine. Cleaned the bottles.  And, they’ve been sitting on my wine shelf since.

Now, I think I’m gonna go buy his book: I Love You, OK? By Gary Taxali

I may have already bought this book for my kids: This Is Silly! By Gary Taxali

Check back next Thursday for my next piece of design inspiration. What inspires you?

One Thought on “Thirsty for Design: Gary Taxali

  1. I like this lsosen in wine taisgnts! I have always felt somewhat bound to stick with the traditional pairings, and when I veered away from that felt a little guilty! But now I am relieved to know it all just boils down to your taste, which it absolutely should! Thank you for the permission to eat and drink as we love best; am looking forward to doing some of the taisgnts you recommend with the salt and lemon and chocolate (yum), and potato chips. Also, I read Chrystal’s comment and think she has a great idea for your business page that would be a great way to build up your following, Betty!

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