Last night when I looked in the fridge I noticed an usually large amount of bricked cream cheese in my fridge. Like eight bricks. Who does that? And then I noticed the pound of bacon. All lonely. I vaguely remember throwing that in my cart last week, while I hungrily packed vegetables and fruit on top of the cookies and frozen pizza. Sheesh, bacon and cream cheese what’s a girl to do? Buy some fresh jalapeños!


These little suckers are amazing. And easy. And only three ingredients. Cream cheese, bacon and fresh jalapeños. And pretty cheap too. I got 15 jalapeños for 84 cents. 1 brick of cream cheese for $1.00 (I think? I had 8 bricks, so it had to be cheap when I bought it). 1 pound of bacon for $3.50 (maybe more, I was hungry). 30 delightful treats for a little over $5. Mmmm.

The worst part of these delicious jalapeño poppers was slicing the jalapeños and removing the insides. Most people recommend wearing gloves. This mom ain’t got time for gloves. I just powered through with gusto and many kinds words to my kids, like “don’t bother me I’m working with hot peppers here!” After all 15 jalapeños were sliced, I scooped in some of the cream cheese. I started with a spoon, then moved to my hands, who cares, I just had to get it in the bellies of those jalapeños. Then I used the same knife I sliced my jalapeños with and sliced the bacon in half. Next I delicately wrapped each cream cheese stuffed jalapeño with a half slice of bacon. Placed those little devils on a foil-lined cookie sheet and baked in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Just until the bacon started crisping up and the peppers started to soften.

I’d recommend removing the jalapeño poppers from the pan and placing them on a paper towel to drain some bacon grease. But, heck, a little bacon grease never hurt anyone. And, I’m certainly not gonna judge you. If you want to pop a whole one in your mouth, straight from the pan, while the bacon grease stains your shirt and the hot pepper burns the roof of your mouth. You do that. You own that shirt. And that mouth. You do what you want.


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