I’ve found the way to keep good readers, is to listen when they ask for things. Like Gourmet Mac & Cheese.

That’s want you want? You got it.


That looks delicious, right?

It’s super simple. I made it tonight, in approximately four minutes. Whaaaaa? Being almost 9 months pregnant, that’s how we roll around here. Fast. And easy. And me, barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen, makin’ gourmet mac & cheese.

Step 1: Buy this. Hint: it’s in the refrigerated section at your local grocery store.



Step 2: Be careful with that knife, if you don’t want any dishes. If you’ll be cutting up microwaved hotdogs for your son, then don’t be careful. Poke those holes, in that plastic, where ever you darn well please.


 Step 3: Put that bad boy in the microwave for 2 minutes (basically just follow the directions printed on the side)


Step 4: Remove from microwave. Carefully peel plastic back and stir. Again, to minimize amount of dishes to be washed, give the spoon you’re using to stir this with to someone eating the mac & cheese.


Step 5: Microwave again. Following the directions on the side of the container. Spoiler: It’s 2 minutes.


Step 6: Stir again and serve in a pretty little dish. Splurge on the pretty dish, because why not. You didn’t get take out, again. Yolo.


It’s 100 degrees and I’m pregnant. And, personally, I think this mac and cheese tastes super gourmet.

*Hormel did not pay me to write this post. But, if they wanna pay me, that’s cool. They can pay me in containers of mac & cheese.

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