Maya had her Christmas party at school today and I signed up for fruit. And after seeing these cuuuute Strawberry Santa Hats all over the place, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to make. I thought they were extra cute on the brownie bites, but these strawberries were for 4 year olds. And, we all know they don’t need all of that extra sugar!

They were a huge hit!


I’ll say I planned on this being a 5 minute job  (even though I knew I’d have to melt the white chocolate chips in batches) and I think it took around 45 minutes and that’s not including the dry time. The hardest part for me was getting the chocolate to do what I wanted it to do. I’m an amateur at this stuff, so I just learn as I go.

For my next Christmas party I’ll be making these and putting them on brownie bites. I’ll also be using a cream cheese frosting for the fluffy white parts of the hat.

White chocolate was definitely the way to go if you’re serving these strawberries without the brownie though.

And, lucky for me, no one at Maya’s daycare has ever been on Pinterest, so they thought I was even more creative than I actually am. (;

One Thought on “Strawberry Santa Hats

  1. I did the brownies and santa hats with cream cheese frosting for my Christmas party! Huge hit! Very yummy! Thanks for the good idea!

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