I’ve been nervous for this for a week. You probably know that by the past two “nervous” posts. I mean I guess 26.2 miles isn’t a walk in the park. Well, technically, I did walk in the park for part of my 26.2 miles. There was one point in the race where I couldn’t see a racer in front of me or behind me because of all of the twists and turns on this road in the park.

26.2 miles was a lot different for me than the 13.1 miles. At 13.1, I still remember seeing 12 and being done. Today, I sorta saw 16 and was done. I mean I kept going, but that’s really the point I had to do a lot more walking than running. And I really can’t remember as much about this race as I can the half. That’s probably because it was twice as long. (;

I’ll do my best with my mile-by-mile recap. I wore my Garmin watch so it kept track of the mile times, but there was a point and I think it was after mile 10, where my miles and the mile markers were about a half a mile off. My watch showed 16.49 miles right as I passed the 16 mile marker on the course. That was a really rough part of the race for me, so I remember that.

Here are some pictures before you get stuck in a 26 mile recap. Spoiler alert, no one gets punched in the throat.


Mile 1: 10 min 10 seconds
At this point I was ahead of the 4:30 pacing group (that’s 4 hours and 30 minutes, they figure the times to run each mile to finish in 4 hours 30 minutes). I was feeling good.

Mile 2: 10 minutes 39 second
I was still feeling great, but I was nervous I was going too fast. I didn’t want to start too fast and then tire out really early.

Mile 3: 10 minutes 45 seconds
Same as mile 2, trying to pace myself here.

Mile 4: 10 minutes 42 seconds
Feeling fine. I decided not to take any energy chews just yet. I think because Preston and the kids were there, with our friend Barbara and Jim (he’s Preston’s boss — and he made me this super cool 26.2 keychain. I mean super cool. I love it so much! Preston gave it to me when we got home from the race). Second row of pictures (above) shows me and Karla running during mile 4.

Mile 5: 10 minutes 27 seconds
This is where the half and full marathon split off. Karla went to the left, I went to the right. I planned on eating some energy chews and mile 4 and 8, but I was still feeling awesome at mile 5, but by 5.5 I got nervous that maybe I’d run out of energy so I opened my packet and ate 4 gels. I ate them quickly, took a drink of water and ran on.

Mile 6: 10 minutes 49 seconds
I remember still feeling good at this time too. Pretty sure this is where the 4:30 group passed me. I remember seeing a girl trip and fly forward. Everyone stopped to make sure she was ok. I ended up catching up pretty close behind her.

Mile 7: 10 minutes 28 seconds
The energy chews gave me a little pep, so I got to run this one a little faster.

Mile 8: 10 minutes 36 seconds
Still feeling just fine. That same girl and I ran about the same pace until mile 9, when she stopped to use the bathroom. We talked for a bit about the bumpy road and this dumb guy who let his dog walk next to us. I seriously thought I might trip over that thing!

Mile 9: 10 minutes 45 seconds
Feeling good.

Mile 10: 10 minutes 31 seconds
Feeling good, but got nervous that maybe I needed some of the electrolyte gel. I don’t really like drinking gatorade when I run, so I hadn’t had any at the aid stations.

Mile 11: 11 minutes 9 seconds
I remember seeing the mile 11 marker and thinking, “now would probably be a good time to take my electrolyte gel.” I didn’t take the whole packet, but it seemed to be enough. I swigged some water. Then I swished and spit. (:

Mile 12: 10 minutes 48 seconds
Still going strong.

Mile 13: 10 minutes 37 seconds
I didn’t feel too horrible at the half marathon mark. I’m not sure if I can find my time for this or not. I ran over a race bar, so I think it got recorded somewhere. I was definitely behind my first half time, but I knew I still needed to pace myself. I think it was around a 2:20 time. Pretty sure this is where 4:45 group passed me. I was sad, but I didn’t see the 5 hr group, so I was hopeful.

Mile 14: 11 minutes 14 seconds
I thought I was starting to slow down energy-wise, so I decided to eat a few more of my energy chews. Not certain it was a great idea.

Mile 15: 10 minutes 32 seconds
The chews seemed to give me a little pep. Not a bad 15 mile time. They had a water station here, but I don’t remember if I filled up.

Mile 16: 12 minutes 7 seconds
Here’s where things started going bad and it was probably actually part of mile 15. I just remember seeing 16.49 miles on my watch, but only passing the 16 mile marker on the course. This wasn’t good because I knew there wouldn’t be another water/bathroom until mile 17. My stomach was awful. Like super awful. I knew I wouldn’t be running until after that aid station.

Mile 17: 14 minutes 19 seconds
And, one would know, as soon as I made it to the bathroom, my stomach started feeling better. I figured I better go in there just incase. I mean I’d have another 2 miles before another one would pop up. All was fine. (: I grabbed some more water to fill up my bottle and tried to run on.

Mile 18: 13 minutes 9 seconds
Here’s where I remember telling the lady walking beside me, “I wish we would just get to 20. 20 seems like such a good mile to be at right now”

Mile 19: 12 minutes 23 minutes
I got some gatorade here, thinking it would maybe help me run faster. Give me some of  what I needed. And I also filled my water bottle up (it takes about 3 of those cups to do that.)

Mile 20: 13 minutes 19 seconds
I saw 20, but my watch said 20.50 so it was just such a let down. I knew I only had a 10K left do to do, but I was just worn out. I was so tired. I tried to run, then walk, then run. I ran over a timed chip bar and it recorded my 20 mile time at 3 hrs 49 min 40 seconds. Pretty sure 5 hr group had passed me here.

Mile 21: 13 minutes 25 seconds
I continued walking the majority, but running when I could. There was lots of encouraging every time I ran by an aid station or anyone cheering. The people were so awesome. Like really awesome. I felt like I could just hug every one of them. Well, and maybe, sit down next to them. I tried to thank them when I had the energy.

Mile 22: 13 minutes 21 seconds
Same for this mile. Run/walk/run/walk

Mile 23: 14 minutes 56 seconds
The bottoms of my feet were killing me. I could feel the blisters forming. They were so tired. My quads were so sore, I felt like walking was so much easier than running. I knew there was no catching the 5 hour group. I was kinda sad. There was a sign  showing when we just had a 5K (3.1 miles) left. I was hoping to run this whole thing. It obviously didn’t happen.

Mile 24: 12 minutes 27 seconds
I really wanted to run the last 2.2 miles, but I couldn’t make myself do it! I really tried. I did get a small burst of energy and I really kicked out of there fast. Then I just wore down. Like really wore down. I caught up to a lady that had been walking for a while I could see her up there.

Mile 25: 15 minutes 7 seconds
Maybe I could run the last 1.2 miles. It was only a mile. I’d try and my back was just so sore, like so tight. And my quads were tight and burned when I tried to run. And the bottoms of my feet were on fire. And my stupid phone case and then the other case on the other arm with my extra electrolyte package was rubbing my skin raw. LIke completely raw. Then I saw an ambulance and police car drive by with their lights on, I knew that wasn’t good. That’s when I told myself it was okay that I hadn’t finished in the time I wanted, I was going to finish this and I wasn’t going to kill myself doing it.

Mile 26: 15 minutes 23 seconds
Then I saw Karla, she told me good job. I knew they were all worried at the finish line. It was like 40 minutes past the time I wanted to finish and I hadn’t made it. She told me to drop anything I didn’t want to carry and she owuld pick it up. DONE! I threw off the phone case carrying my energy gel, then my actual phone, then my water bottle, hell, why not, here are my ear buds. And I started to run again. Then I saw Kelly, my other sister. She told me she would run with me a little ways if I wanted her too. I told her my back was so sore, so she rubbed it while we walked. Then we ran to the bridge and she told me good luck and stopped running. It was so encouraging. Thanks for that sisters! You really dont’ know how much that helped me. Like really, really helped me!

I got to the bridge and I just powered it to the finish. First I heard a guy yelling and running toward me, “KENDRA YOU FINISHED! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!” It was my boss from work. Haha, that guy. Classic. He’s the guy in black running toward me in the third row of pictures.

Then I saw some friends from work and Preston and my mom-in-law and dad-in-law. Preston was snapping away on the camera. He took so many awesome pictures, I’m so glad to have these to document my first ever marathon.

And then I heard the announcer say my name over the loud speaker, as I crossed over the finish line. Best feeling ever. It was so awesome hearing that. My official full marathon time was 5 hours 16 minutes and 49 seconds. (:

And, here’s how I felt after running 26.2 miles and some words of advice for anyone contemplating running a full marathon.

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  1. Kerrie on October 13, 2013 at 7:58 pm said:

    You did great!!! I’m super proud of you!

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  3. So awesome! Good Job!

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