I like a good challenge. Apparently.

That’s why I signed up for I’m Perfect Life r2014 Fitness Challenge, in July. I had to come up with 10 challenges (and complete them) by the end of the year. Luckily, I’d already completed a few (my second half marathon in May and then a week later a 5K plus stair challenge), but I still had 8 more… I finally decided I was going to walk/run for 30 days straight. It also helped my wallet by using Pact during each walk.


I actually love walking, so I thought this would be fun.

And, for the most part, it was. On the weekends it was easier to get in a longer walk/run, but the week days I waited until the kids went to bed, so I found myself getting anxious around bedtime. As the days went on, I added a little more challenge to my challenge… I had to walk at least 2 miles each day. If the kids went to bed earlier, I’d try to get in 3-4 miles; if it was later, I settled on 2.

So, yesterday, I finished my 30th day. I logged 102.1 miles in that 30 days. Not too shabby. I averaged 3.4 miles a day. I’d say it was a challenge successfully completed.

Now it’s on to the next challenge. Riding my bike 5 miles straight. If anyone knows me, they know I trip over carpet and run into doorways, so balancing on a bike is a challenge in itself. (;

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