I miss blogging. I’ve done a few posts here and there, but for the most part, during my absence, here’s what’s been going on.

First this happened.


Then this happened.


Then this happened.


And now it’s been 7 weeks. SEVEN weeks with three kids. I’m feeling pretty normal, as normal as any sleep-deprived mom of three kids feels. I’ll say I do a solid good job mom-ing, 3 out of 7 days. Ha.

Right at this very moment, no one is yelling. Partly because, all three kids are in bed (can we pause a moment to rejoice in the quietness and high five over all three kids being in bed) and Preston’s downstairs watching football (I take that back. There is yelling. Just not at any kids).

Seven weeks and two days (but who’s counting?) ago, I couldn’t imagine what life with three kids would be like. And today, seven weeks, two days, seven hours and five minutes (I’m counting) later, I can’t imagine what life would be like without all three.

I’ve found the way to keep good readers, is to listen when they ask for things. Like Gourmet Mac & Cheese.

That’s want you want? You got it.


That looks delicious, right?

It’s super simple. I made it tonight, in approximately four minutes. Whaaaaa? Being almost 9 months pregnant, that’s how we roll around here. Fast. And easy. And me, barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen, makin’ gourmet mac & cheese.

Step 1: Buy this. Hint: it’s in the refrigerated section at your local grocery store.



Step 2: Be careful with that knife, if you don’t want any dishes. If you’ll be cutting up microwaved hotdogs for your son, then don’t be careful. Poke those holes, in that plastic, where ever you darn well please.


 Step 3: Put that bad boy in the microwave for 2 minutes (basically just follow the directions printed on the side)


Step 4: Remove from microwave. Carefully peel plastic back and stir. Again, to minimize amount of dishes to be washed, give the spoon you’re using to stir this with to someone eating the mac & cheese.


Step 5: Microwave again. Following the directions on the side of the container. Spoiler: It’s 2 minutes.


Step 6: Stir again and serve in a pretty little dish. Splurge on the pretty dish, because why not. You didn’t get take out, again. Yolo.


It’s 100 degrees and I’m pregnant. And, personally, I think this mac and cheese tastes super gourmet.

*Hormel did not pay me to write this post. But, if they wanna pay me, that’s cool. They can pay me in containers of mac & cheese.

Somes days I want sweets. Okay, who am I kidding, all days I want sweets.  But, being pregnant has made this worse, because now I feel guilty eating them.

This sweet was almost health-food so I didn’t feel too guilty… it had peanut butter. (;


And, who can pass these up, especially when there’s only three ingredients: marshmallows, cocoa crispy cereal and peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Cocoa Crispy Treats

1 bag of regular or mini marshmallows (one bag, the regular-sized bag)
1/2 cup peanut butter (creamy, crunchy, natural, if you’re feeling super healthy)
6 cups cocoa crispy cereal (generic is just fine)

Scoop peanut butter in a large microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 45 seconds to melt. Next, pour marshmallows on top of peanut butter and stir to coat. Pop back in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, stir. Microwave for 1 more minute, until all is bubbly and delicious. Pour in 6 cups of cocoa crispy cereal (you can add more if it’s too marshmallow-y.)

Pour in a greased cake pan and eat it all up. Or, save some for your family.


At work I was asked to bring in some artwork that inspires me, and share a little about the artist who created it. I thought this was such a cool idea, I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog: Thirsty for Design. Every Thursday (you know, Thirsty Thursday), I’ll grab some artwork, with the artist, that inspires me.

Today’s artist and artwork: Gary Taxali with this awesome wine label.



Last year, I got this voucher from Naked Wines. Cool. Imma get me some free wine, I thought. Well, when I went online to pick the wines, I found these wine labels I LOVED. They weren’t so much in the price range to get as free wine… But, I loved them. So, I threw out the idea of getting free wine and snagged both bottles. I drank the wine. Cleaned the bottles.  And, they’ve been sitting on my wine shelf since.

Now, I think I’m gonna go buy his book: I Love You, OK? By Gary Taxali

I may have already bought this book for my kids: This Is Silly! By Gary Taxali

Check back next Thursday for my next piece of design inspiration. What inspires you?

There are two types of things. The things I want to do and the things I don’t.

Today my friend asked me to do this 7 day blogging challenge with her.

This was on my list of don’t want to do things. But, I’m doing it anyway.


Because the same friend sent me this article on doing things that are uncomfortable.

Day 1 question: Why are you doing the Your Turn challenge?

Day 1 answer: Because it’s uncomfortable. And, also, I’m really bad at telling people no.

I told myself (and my bloggy friends) that I was going to write every day. Every. Day. Starting January 1.

I didn’t even make it two days into the new year. It’s now January 12 and I’ve only blogged twice. Fine, forget it. I’m not gonna blog at all now. I came up with excuse, after excuse, after excuse (plus four more excuse days) on why it didn’t matter if I continued.

But, today, I’ve decided I can’t use the past as an excuse. Who cares that I didn’t blog every day. I’ll start today. And if I miss tomorrow. Well, “only a fool trips on what’s behind them.” (who said that?)


Don’t let your yesterdays make your todays less than awesome.

Almost seven years later, Preston and I have finally started Breaking Bad. It took some persuasion on my part, but we’re finally watching it.


Image from http://wall.alphacoders.com

I meant to start it on the first day of our 12 day Christmas vacation so we could power through all five seasons. Unfortunately we didn’t start until day 11.

Now, we’re five episodes in and I’m pretty sure Preston has lung cancer, just like Walt. Walt would cough. Preston would cough.

This is gonna be a long four and a half more seasons. But I need to find out if Preston (I mean Walt) has a chance to survive this lung cancer. And hopefully make enough meth to pay for the treatments.

Maybe we should watch just one more episode tonight. But, my arm is starting to tingle. My left arm. I’m pretty sure I’m having a heart attack.

This show is making me paranoid.

It’s the first day of the new year and I’m eating popcorn in my pajamas. At 2:00 pm. Why? Because I can.

I’ve decided 2015 will be the year I do the things I wanna do, because I wanna do awesome things.

Like eat popcorn. Caramel marshmallow popcorn. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon.


Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn

1 stick butter (1/2 cup)
1/2 cup brown sugar (packed tight)
10 regular marshmallows (or 100 mini marshmallows)
2 bags of butter popcorn, popped (I think that’s equal to 10-12 cups of popped popcorn)

Start by popping both bags of popcorn (separately, I don’t think you can pop two bags at once, but this is your year, you pop both if you want). Now, pour popcorn into a very large bowl. Make sure to remove the unpopped kernels. Your friends, or if you’re not sharing, your teeth will thank you. In a glass microwave-safe bowl, put one stick of butter (I chop mine so it melts faster) and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Microwave for 1-2 minutes, until melted. Stir. Add marshmallows and stir to coat. Place bowl back in microwave and go for 2-3 minutes. Stirring once, twice, three times a lady. That’s when it will really start to boil and turn into a yummy caramel goodness. Pour this hot, bubbly caramel over your freshly popped popcorn. Then stir, stir, stir. It will try to ooze through the popcorn to bottom of the bowl, but you don’t let it. Stir, stir, stir.

Eat it now. It’ll melt in your mouth and you’ll start to worry if eating too much popcorn is bad for you. Don’t worry. It’s healthy. It has fiber. Fiber is healthy. Now, if you can’t eat it all in one sitting, that’s fine. Put an airtight lid on that bowl and eat it an hour, when you’re ready for more popcorn. And now it tastes like a very large popcorn ball. You just can’t lose with this popcorn.

Hugs and kisses and New Year wishes,


Some days I make good decisions. Some days I don’t. I thought my decision to buy 3 – 32 ounce containers of Greek Gods Honey Flavored Greek Yogurt that doesn’t expire until December 2, was a great decision. It’s probably because I love this greek yogurt. I have my friend to blame, she got me hooked on it.

I hate yogurt, I told her. You won’t hate this yogurt, she told me.

She wins. She always wins when it comes to food. But, I’m not certain why I thought I’d eat it for three weeks in a row, with Thanksgiving being one of those weeks in-between. I had pie to eat for breakfast that week. Duh.

So, when she told me to make these awesome greek yogurt pancakes with my almost expired yogurt, I trusted her.


Not only did I make the recipe, I made it times FIVE. You can find the original recipe (for one serving) here

Greek Yogurt Pancakes
1 – 32 oz container of Greek Gods Honey Flavored Greek Yogurt
5 – eggs
2.5 cups flour
5 -tsp baking soda

Stir yogurt until it’s very creamy, then add eggs and stir again until all eggs are incorporated. In a separate bowl mix flour and baking soda. Pour yogurt/egg mixture on top of flour and mix, mix, mix. I’m not sure if you can over mix, but I realized the longer it sat in the bowl the more the flour started to dissolve and the batter puffed up. I heated my griddle and went to town, cooking up 36 pancakes!

My kids loved them. And, I loved them after I cleaned up the mess.


They were the fluffiest, lightest pancakes ever. But they do expand when you cook ’em, so watch out. (;