Some years are rough.

Some years are rebuilding years.

The rebuilding years are the years that make you stronger. The ones that build you back up. The ones that show you just how strong you really are.

2012 wasn’t such a hot year for me. But, without that year, I would have never needed a rebuilding year. And, 2013 turned out to be my rebuilding year. I just didn’t know that’s what it was until today‚Ķ two days from the year being over.

I’ve never felt so sure I could do anything until this year. I decided I wanted to run a half marathon and so I ran one. Why not go ahead and run a full marathon? So, I did that too. It was awesome.

Everyone needs a year where all they say is: Yes, I can do that. Anything is a possibility, if I just give it a try.

So, I say, if you want to do it, try it. And, when you succeed (because you will succeed) you’ll have that much more confidence to do all of those other things you’ve been telling yourself you couldn’t do.

If 2013 was your year to fall apart, then let 2014 be your rebuilding year. “Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.” – Rae Smith


Don’t worry, I’ve got a lot more rebuilding to do. Blendra can’t be rebuilt in one year, people.

2 Thoughts on “2013: My Rebuilding Year

  1. Love This! I’m inspired. Happy New Year!

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