I’ve seen the posts. I’ve read the articles. But, I’m not that Facebook Mom. You know the one, the one that only posts good pictures of her kids.

I’m not. I am not that mom.

Okay, I am.

Last night my daughter watched, in amazement, as I Photoshop’d a bush over a downspout and then I smiled when she called it magic. I’ve never been so proud. I mean, this is what I do for a living, I’m a Graphic Designer. I can Photoshop a simple little bush over an ugly downspout if I want, that doesn’t make me a faker. It looks better. And if I need to erase a tear in my one-year-old’s eye, I’ll do that too. And maybe I’ll just brighten up the picture, and remove this little bush over here (I really need to update my landscaping, but I don’t have time, I’ll just fix it post production), add a little blur on the brick. Perfect.

It’s not fake. I am not that mom.

Okay, it is. And, I am. So what.

Every year I take a “DAD” picture for my husband for Father’s Day. In my head, the picture turns out perfect. In the moment, the picture turns out awful real. And, when I pulled those pictures up on my computer, I laughed and almost just printed the real one for him. We’re a real family. He knows it. I know it.


You know how real goes, when you’re at home, behind closed doors. We’re that kind of super real. Kids are yelling. We’re yelling. Kids are crying. We’re crying. Sometimes someone is locked in the bathroom eating a bag of Doritos and a pint of ice cream. Sometimes that person is always me. I don’t need to post that on Facebook.

I need to post the smiling pictures of my kids on Facebook. Because I really like posting smiling pictures of my kids.

I like smiling pictures of my kids so much, I push through the painful pictures, while yelling, “if you’d stop crying and fighting, I’d be done already!”


Dear Fellow Facebookers,

I know everyone hates fake pictures, but these Fakebook pictures, of my smiling kids, aren’t posted to make me look like I’m the most super awesome mom ever. I promise. I know I’m not. They’re only posted to remind me that if I yell loud enough perservere I can achieve anything. So, in six years, when these smiling pictures of my kids pop up, I always love that decision I made to post them.


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