After I ran my first half marathon, my husband was so proud of me he bought me this big 13.1 magnet and stuck it on the fridge. Aw. That’s sweet. But, dang, that’s an ugly magnet.

After I ran my first full marathon, I said, “well, since I have a 13.1 magnet, I guess I need a 26.2 magnet. Running that marathon certainly wasn’t easy.” But, dang, now I have two ugly magnets on my fridge.

So, with the help of two friends, we’ve created some super sweet magnets for me to stick on my fridge.


Dang, you say, I don’t like running. As a matter of fact, I hate running. Don’t worry, we’ve created a super sweet magnet for you.


Eh, I hate running so much I don’t want a button about not running either. What I really like to do is lift weights.





But, I really wanted that in pink and not red? Go check out Pigeon Milk Club. If we don’t have it and you want it, just ask. We’ll probably make it. Just like any good mom would do. (:

And, because you don’t really wanna stick magnets on your fridge, all you really wanna do is pin them to your workout bag. We do that too.

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