A few months ago, I had seen commercials for the Rice Crispy Mudslides at Spangles (a fast food joint in Wichita, Kansas). And, even though it said, “for a limited time,” I didn’t believe them.

Today reality set in when I pulled up to the drive thru speaker:

Me: Yeah, um, do you still have the Rice Crispy Mudslide?
Drive thru guy: No, I’m sorry, we replaced that with the Snickers Mudslide.
Me: Oh, dang. Um, is that good?
Drive thru guy: Yeah, if you like Snickers.
Me: Okay, shoot, well, do you recommend that or the Butterfingers Mudslide?
Drive thru guy: Um..
Drive thru girl: The Butterfingers Caramel Mudslide!! You won’t regret it!
Me: I’ll take that!
Drive thru girl: You just made the best decision of your life!
Me: (laughing) I can’t wait!

I smiled as I waited for the three cars in front of me to get their orders. Who smiles in a drive thru waiting line? As I pulled up to the window, a lady was smiling and holding the “best decision of my life” in her hands. While laughing, she says, “that was me! Oh my god, you will not regret this. The taste is indescribable! It is soooo good!”

I laughed and said, “so I’ll see you back tomorrow! Or maybe in an hour.”

She smiles and says, “Yep and you’ll be all thank you very much Jeanae, that was the best decision of my life!”

As I’m typing this I’m shoveling spoonfuls of Butterfingers Caramel Mudslide in my mouth and smiling. The more I eat, the more I smile.


Clearly, to be sincere is the best decision of anyone’s life. Thank you, Jeanae!

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