I told myself (and my bloggy friends) that I was going to write every day. Every. Day. Starting January 1.

I didn’t even make it two days into the new year. It’s now January 12 and I’ve only blogged twice. Fine, forget it. I’m not gonna blog at all now. I came up with excuse, after excuse, after excuse (plus four more excuse days) on why it didn’t matter if I continued.

But, today, I’ve decided I can’t use the past as an excuse. Who cares that I didn’t blog every day. I’ll start today. And if I miss tomorrow. Well, “only a fool trips on what’s behind them.” (who said that?)


Don’t let your yesterdays make your todays less than awesome.

One Thought on “The fools of yesterday

  1. danielle on January 13, 2015 at 9:09 pm said:

    Great quote!

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